Monday, September 28, 2009

Ebook readers in India ??

I'm trying to buy a Ebook reader ... desperately. But, you know what ? I can't seem to buy one.

Amazon Kindle would have been ideal had it not been awfully product-managed. On paper, it is ideal - after all, Amazon has a lot of books of which I can purchase the ebooks versions. But, not only is it bloated with features I don't want (EVDO, etc), not only is it expensive, not only are the ebooks limited in number, not only are the available ebooks expensive, it is also not sold or supported outside US.

The other popular choice is Sony Ereader ... Again the same problem - not sold in India, not even in Singapore (I searched through Sim Lim with no luck). And, they have bloated the latest with a touch screen.

Do these guys think that people in India don't read books ? And why make things simple when you can make them complex ?

Can't I get a simple E-ink based ebook reader, with around 10" screen, no colors, no back-light, no touch screen, no keyboard, with support PDF, HTML, LIT files ?


At Tuesday, 29 September, 2009 at 1:09:00 am IST, Blogger JD said...

You've hit on an important point. Keeping things simple won't help these companies "grow" their bottom lines through the upgrade cycle in the US. Besides, volumes in India may not justify trying to sell these devices in their current form in India.

You'll just have to wait for a suit to figure out that a no-frills "Eastern Economy Edition" may be a good idea ;-).


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