Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Theory of nations

Two and a half years ago, I made a funny claim about the Israel-Palestine conflict and suggested the most unpalatable solution to the problem - that they live together. Now, I'm being supported by, of all people, Col Gaddafi of Libya. Hurray !! :P

It doesn't matter whether this is acceptable or not. The point that is obvious to any outsider is - there is no other way. They can realise this now or after few years or after few generations. The only difference will be the number of people who would die in the meantime.

If there is a two-state solution, then there will be India-Pakistan. The basis of India-Pakistan partition was the assumption that hindus and muslims can't live together. Similarly, the two nation theory of Middle East is that Jews and Arabs can't live together. I still don't understand why. To call the Middle East conflict an ethnic conflict or a religious conflict would be to give undue importance to irrelevant factors. The basis of the conflict (or any conflict, for that matter) is: attempt of one to have power over the other.

If everytime two groups hate each other (which happens all the time they are jockeying for power), there is a new country or a new province, the world will have tens of thousands of countries, no two neighbours being able to stand each other. Then, we will have cold war, proxy war, limited war, nuclear war and what not.

It is also important to think about what will be the future of the weaker state. Will it become a tool to carry out a proxy war by other regional states against the powerful twin ? Will it ever stop becoming a sworn enemy of its twin ?

A bean-counting MBA would also ask - what is the business plan ? How would they feed their people (if at all you plan to) and where will they get the money ? Or do they plan to beg from World Bank and IMF ? If they have no source of money and no clue to making it, won't they be dependent on others to carry out their agenda against the twin ? No money, no country.

Perhaps the most important reason of all .... if you start hating the other person or other "that-is-not-me-or-mine" group, _you_ lose. India-Pakistan partition, Kosovo are bad events of history. That is why the divisive movements in Sri Lanka, Jammu and Kashmir are doomed.

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