Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A tryst with destiny - 2

As I watch the debate of communalism and the so-called secularism, I'm filled with a sense of shame. I don't see any difference between either of them.

I'm pained when lot of "hindus" I know try to justify attacks on minorities. The point being, I haven't yet encountered a hindu, who knows hinduism in its real essence. How many know or bothered to know the Upanishads ? How many have read the works of Vivekananda ? Does Hinduism even have a God - how many understand the concept of Brahman ? So, how are you better than anyone else ?

At the same time, this great debate about conversion is ridiculous. Truth is truth, be it uttered by a vedic seer, or a Buddha or a Jesus or a Muhammed or a Vivekananda. Personally, I think Garuda Purana is a little silly and Tibetan Book of the Dead is a phenomenal work. Though being a hindu (which I guess was an accident of nature), nothing has stopped me from reading books about other religions. I mean, wasn't Jesus born a Jew or wasn't Buddha born a Hindu ?

That is why I'm free and can "dare to think".

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