Monday, September 24, 2007

Using an HP Craptop

After 2 years of sole Mac usage, I've now been been saddled with an HP Pavilion dv6000 laptop for official usage. Tragically, my iBook also developed some problems with its DC-in board, so I was forced to use the HP laptop for everything. And it sucks. Big time.

First, a look at the OS - Windows Vista Home Premium. It really makes me puke, even on an empty stomach. I don't know what Microsoft has done over the past five years, but they've managed to 'crap'ify a decent Windows XP to such an extent that I can't believe this got past the QA testing. I don't see why I need Vista when there is XP. MS's idea of security is to ask me whether I want to run any program that I clicked on ... what sort of an OS can't make up its mind and ask me some sane questions ? This is just annoyware to the max. And WiFi didn't (and still doesn't) work either. I've had to download hundreds of MBs worth of patches, and I need to keep my Anti-Virus signatures up to date. The system is damn too slow to use. It doesn't allow me to do any productive work. I felt so lost in this (and I've used Windows from 3.11 days) that I immediately went about installing linux on this. As a product manager myself, if I were the Vista product manager, I would really hang my head in shame and try to forget about the fiasco. There can't be a better advertisement for Linux or Apple than Windows Vista. :)

Installing Ubuntu Fiesty Fawn was pretty simple (after some 6 tries, and figuring out the right kernel parameters to pass), and within a day, I'm up and running. WiFi sometimes works, and suspend often hangs the machine, but atleast in other ways, it is really fast. VmWare runs pretty fast too. I've come to rely on sleep-as-soon-as-you-close-the-lid and wakeup-as-soon-as-you-open-the-lid behavior of my Mac and I miss it a lot.

If Vista is crap, then HP has added insult to the injury. The HP Control Panel loads up whenever you boot into Vista and stays in the system tray. Not that it is of any use. I don't know which retard designed the keyboard - the most frequently used keys are small and hard to reach for my typist fingers. And the headphone jacks are at the front - which means u can't use headphones if you keep it on your lap ! The battery life sucks - only a couple of hours compared to five hours of my iBook. How can I use it if I have to keep worrying about it running out of juice all the time ? And which idiot thought of putting all the product stickers all free parts of the laptop ? Looks as ugly as a Formula 1 car. Reminds me of this video I saw in youtube.

That is what I love about my Apple laptop. Tiny details are taken care of. I don't have to spend time worrying about the hardware or the operating system. I can focus on my work ... It simply works.

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