Sunday, September 02, 2007

Auto logic

In April this year, after my exams, when I landed in the Bangalore Airport, I immediately proceeded towards the "pre-paid" auto stand. It isn't prepaid in any sense, but it is pre-registered, and it saves a lot of time that would normally be spent in negotiating the destination with the auto driver.
Anyway, I had a big suitcase and a bag, the weight of both not exceeding some 40 KGs. However, as the auto sped away out of the airport, the driver demanded 100 rupees extra for the luggage. Of course, I'd have paid if he had demanded something far lower, and in fact, often I don't ask for change back, but this extortion sort of got my hackles up, and I then conjured up the most brilliant piece of analysis in years.

My logic went: The driver doesn't charge anything extra if there are three people, and assuming each weighs around 200 KGs, the auto would convey some 200+ KGs without extra charge. But if I weighing around 70 KGs (it isn't polite to ask for a gentleman's weight or a lady's age :-P ), and 40 KGs of luggage are there (and the driver is not helping me with the luggage), the driver charges me extra !! In fact, I must get a discount :)

I eloquently put forth my arguments, and by the time we travelled another kilometer, the driver had given up. Why am I mentioning this on my blog ? I thought it would be obvious, but when I narrated this to a couple of people, they thought it was a brilliant idea ...

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