Wednesday, July 11, 2007

More things change, more they remain the same

Well, much water has gone through Mumbai drains (or by the looks of it, maybe not ...) since I last posted, mainly due to lack of basic facilities of life at my home in Bangalore, like broadband internet, and WiFi. Now that they have been taken care of, I can blog a bit more ... though for some reason my BSNL broadband doesn't allow me to login to Google or Yahoo...

Until convocation on August 10th, I'm semi-officially an MBA, a MoM to be more precise, since IIT-B gives a Master of Management degree. Funny, first I'm a bachelor and then I'm a MoM :)

I've joined Patni as the ubiquitous Business Analyst that every other MBA seems to be, and the job description is basically pre-sales, though internally it is given a much more catchy name. There are the usual snobs who turn up their nose against pre-sales (but then, they turn up their noses at everything except themselves), but so far, I've found it to be an incredibly tough (and therefore, *enjoyable*, though post-facto only,) experience.

After engineering, I was ecstatic that I'd written the last exam of my life, and then came MBA at IIT-B, where exams were tougher and my grades were nastier. At the end of my MBA, I was again happy that I'd written my last exam of my life, and then I go and enroll myself into another Masters degree course (*gasp*), a two-year distance education program from National Law School called "Master of Business Laws", which eerily sounds like "business loss", and where the pass percentage is rumored to be around 3%. Most importantly, I've no clue what I'm supposed to do with this, as far as career goes.

They say I'm insane to be studying again. Perhaps I am - I'm stubborn too :) They said I was insane (actually, "blunder of life" was the exact term) when I went for MBA, and that too in IIT ("IIT has an MBA ?" was refrain). They said I was crazy to join Patni ("it is a Government company") and that too for a pre-sales job. And so far, by the looks of it, I haven't had to regret my decisions even once. Maybe I *am* talented (!) enough to make a virtue of every mess that I land in ... but to be frank, it is more of a matter of principle - I wouldn't rather be anybody else, I wouldn't want to lead someone else's life. Therefore, I don't listen to anybody. Get it ?

So, I'm basically back to work *and* back to studies and exams - all at once, and I'm doing it because *I* want to do it. Which is why life is such fun.

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