Saturday, March 03, 2007

Budgets and hypocrisy

Another budget comes and goes. New taxes, new exemptions, but same old story: industries whining about extra tax, salaried class whining about extra tax, corporate leaders (who should in fact know better) telling their sob story to the press ... nothing really has changed.

Funny enough, everybody professes to be a patriot and a patron of social equality, etc. Yet, they balk at paying extra taxes. Of course, the government should provide universal education, eliminate poverty, replace all buses that we burnt in riots, compensate victims of our apathy, provide modern infrastructure, take care of street lights (but first somehow become aware that the tube lights are not functional in first place), increase pay to the underpaid staff, and they better do it - or else, we'll take care of them next time when they come visiting houses begging for votes.

And how is the poor government going to do all that ? I don't know and I don't care - it is not my problem. But no, we will not give the government a single paisa more.

Of course they rationalize it: It is not that we don't want to pay taxes .. Don't you know that our taxes fund corrupt government servants ? No, obviously, I've never bribed a single government official in my entire life, so, corruption is only between neighbours and babus.

No wonder, we are where we are ...

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At Thursday, 8 March, 2007 at 8:44:00 AM IST, Blogger Aravindan said...

tho i do agree to some views, i still retain a bit of skepticism..if u r aware much of teh funds alloted to states is not even spent. minting extra money out of taxes without spending does not make sense..first the govt shd review unspent expenditure..make sure development efforts r on track and then tax ppl n industry.

is there a point just paying taxes for news print sake?


views r based on general columns appearing in news[papers on unspent funds. correct me if i m wrong.

well yeah, its our duty to pay taxes while we make use of govt subsidies on infrastructure


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