Friday, February 09, 2007

Social network of the day

One of the most fascinating aspects of an internet-linked life is the buzz of the social networks. Just like some restaurant or a club or a pub (fortunately, I've not been introduced to the latter two) is considered to be the most "happening" place in a city, cyberspace has its own happening sites, where everybody who think they are somebody flock, along with the cyber version of the queen bees and queen bee wannabes.
The best and the most popular among them, is Orkut. I don't understand the psychology behind scrapping, and I can safely say that the number of scraps I've received so far (including spams) is less than the number of friends I've got. Some record that ! I don't know why people converse in scraps, when there is no context along with it. Off goes the concept of top-posting, bottom-postin, CC, BCC ...

While Orkut is great - I was amazed to find classmates I haven't met after my 7th standard ... nearly 15 years ago - the kind of rat-race that marks it is a bit nauseating. One guy, who had around 5000 scraps some 8 months ago, smugly mentioned that I don't have enough scraps. Of course not, you dolt !

You can also learn a lot about the latest Orkut clone, and it isn't hard. I keep getting invites from my well-meaning friends, who possibly think that I don't have enough things to do online and by others, who themselves have nothing to do online and/or just keep wanting to increase their friend count. Idle's mind is devil's workshop indeed, and the output is a new social network ! Anyway, coming back to the invites, once it is Hi5, another time it is Yahoo 360, then it is some (it was the rage some 3-4 months ago) and now someone has invited me for some Tagged and someone else for something else. As usual, I've marked the invites as spam in my Gmail.

A polite message to those friends: please don't bother; i'm not interested. Can't manage a single orkut account - no time to play with 100 odd sites.

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At Wednesday, 14 February, 2007 at 6:59:00 PM IST, Blogger Aravindan said...

yeah very true..a dozen social sites do suck big time..orkut alone is sufficient..


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