Friday, December 22, 2006

Universe conspires again ...

In my previous post, I had written about the conspiracy of the universe in getting me into TechMahindra. It turned out that it didn't stop there (okay, this is like stretching the metaphor a bit too far, but let me see how far I can go ;-).

As soon as I got placed in TechM, I told myself that I'm out of the placement process someone offers me something I couldn't positively refuse. I had registered for Patni long before the pre-processes actually started, but once I got placed, I lost all interest in it. Patni's GD was at 8:10 am the following morning, and since I was skipping it anyway (and I detest GDs), I wasn't really interested in turning up. I had slept very late, and so I woke up at around 8 am, didn't shave, skipped bath and breakfast, and still groggy from sleep, I somehow walked all the way to SOM.

After sometime, someone handling the process told me to go to Patni, though I had skipped the GD ! I didn't want to go, but they told me to try it, and if I didn't like it, I could always reject it.

Now, I remembered from their PPT that Patni had some profile in products, and since my interest was in software products, I would ask for it. So, I went in with a sceptical mind, and I told the lady who was interviewing me the same thing. It turned out that she was from their PES (product engg services) and she was more than happy to oblige me. She was so impressed that she started trying to convince me regarding why Patni was the best fit for me. The interview went on for some 30 mins and she also offered the icing on the cake - posting in Bangalore. I told her even more frankly that now I'm was getting more interested in what they wanted to offer. Finally, they made an offer. The compensation was same as that of TechM's but less variable component + all the monetary and non-monetary benefits of staying at home.

As per our placement rules, I can have a maximum of two accepted offers, and I've got till mid-Jan to finally choose which of the accepted offers I'm going to finally select. Therefore, if I accepted Patni, I'd be out of the process. And in the immediate context, I had exactly 20 mins to decide whether or not to accept the offer. In the end, I felt if I wanted to pursue my dream of getting into product management, then this was the best starting point - high learning + low risk. So, I took the offer and dropped out of the process.

Now, I have TechM and Patni, and one hell of a decision to make, something I wanted to avoid. I'm thinking of speaking to people who are working there, and arrive at an "informed decision", but what the heck, I'd probably go for Patni regardless.

Thus continues my placement saga.

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At Saturday 23 December 2006 at 9:54:00 AM IST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have made the right decision... the learning in Patni is definitely better than other cos. And you are given lots of responsibility too...

At Saturday 23 December 2006 at 11:26:00 PM IST, Blogger Sridhar Narasimhan said...

One of the things I forgot to mention was something that has always been a factor implicitly: Patni ppl came across as decent, down-to-earth people.
Come to think of it - there is one technology consulting multinational who came across as extremely arrogant - an immediate put off. TechM was mostly on the fence.
Anyway, thanks for letting me know.


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