Thursday, September 28, 2006

Semi-annual pilgrimage to IIT Hospital

So, it was time for me to continue my what has become a ritual semi-annual piligrimage to the last place in IIT where I want to be - the IIT Hospital. Atleast, this time I stuck to OPD, and with only viral fever. Last time, I was there, it was end of Jan and I was actually admitted there for 5 days for measles (of all things - but I guess, it is better to be infected by "children's" disease than "adults'" disease !). And, before I forget, spending 4 days alone in the isolation ward building was no joke. But, given the amount of medicines I'm taking and the fact that I've paid exactly zilch so far (it is tax-payer funded), I suspect that their budgets might have suffered a serious setback due to me :)

The hospital building itself is old and dilapidated. It should be of no surprise to look up at the ceiling and find that the plaster for half of it has fallen off (and God alone knows, on whom and when *shudder*). There are cracks and dirt on the wall and toilets are horrible. The isolation ward is usually not used - when I was admitted in Jan, they started cleaning the isolation ward while I was waiting outside. The toilet in the isolation ward is the most horrible of all :) Not that I was in any position to complain at that time...

One of the biggest pain-points of the hospital is getting there - my hostel, Hostel 13, which is around 1.5 km away. The IIT internal bus service, "TumTum"s usually don't visit H13 unless it is class timings. Autorickshaws aren't found when I need them. Ambulance won't come unless there is emergency, and even then, it many not be available for my emergency. The only option is to get a ride on a bike from my friends. Ironically, though this is a lifesaver of sorts, maintaining a bike is not allowed for students. Tell that to H12/H13 people !

Then, I have to go and search for my file on a rack, and then stand in a queue to present it in a counter to get a receipt. And I'm supposed to do all that, when I can barely stand. The trouble doesn't end there - then I have to lookup on the notice board, and see what rooms have what doctors, and then sit (sometimes stand) on the benches in front of the cabins and wait my turn.

And, further trouble is the prescription. The doctor writes something on the receipt, and then says "Take this 3 times a day and this, every morning, and this, every evening", and I'm supposed to understand whatever he/she has written. I then go to the pharmacy, where on submitting the receipt, the guy says, "take this so and so times a day". Atleast, when he is saying I can put the tablets to be taken thrice a day into my pant's backpocket, and so on. But, you end up in further trouble - the pharmacist expects you to get your own bottle for taking the cough syrup :(

But, the saving grace is the staff. The doctors can be occasionally a bit brusque. But, I've found nothing less than courtesy and care from them. I should know - I spent some 5 days in a loony bin called isolation ward (all alone in the entire block !), but I never felt a need to ask my Mom and Dad to come here. IIT Hospital may be a government hospital, but its main (and perhaps the only) strength is people.

For a change, I'm looking forward to attending classes !


At Sunday, 1 October, 2006 at 7:19:00 PM IST, Blogger Aravindan said...

i tell u man, IIT hospital offers better services than even sme private big names in bombay. hv seen how it is myself a month back.

these ppl r doing a brilliant service truly.


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