Friday, July 14, 2006

where are the footpaths ?

Pune has become very muddy in these monsoon rains. In Bangalore, for years I used to walk for 2 kms each way everyday in all seasons to my primary school (Nivedita School, for those who want to know), and I don't think I found it very uncomfortable. Unlike here.
So, I kept asking myself what was wrong with Pune ? And then found the answer: there are no proper footpaths ! Somehow, somebody in the corporation must have forgotten to add footpath to necessary items while planning. The roads are good (read: similar to b'lore), but on the two sides, footpaths are non-existent in most places. So, the roads are clean but on the sides, it is very muddy.

I hate to give credits to Bangalore's footpaths, but atleast they exist :)


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