Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Art of screwing up

I'd always been afraid of making mistakes - people thought that I was shy and reserved, but never understood why. Now, when I came here in IBM, I was given 3 profiles of work: product management - getting business insight to a software project (my original work); project management - getting things done (my additional work); and finally, as the Point-of-contact for all interns in Pune.

The last one is the biggest and the most time-consuming. I need to book conference rooms, check if people have received stipends and if not, forward their bank a/c numbers to the administrative co-ordinator, track the expenses incurred during this internship by all interns and mentors here in Pune ... It really is a thankless job, I don't get a "thank you" if I do it, but get all the brick-bats if I make a mistake somewhere. Initially, it was daunting - most of my time is "wasted" in this, and I scarcely find time for "my work", and yet, I'm at the receiving end most of the time.

I was afraid of making mistakes, and it turned out that I made mistakes anyway - like sending wrong mail to wrong people, booking wrong conference rooms, getting interns pissed off by arranging tech talks that none of them were interested ... I used to spend 10 mins wondering whether or not to Cc a person some email ... But, it turned out that whatever mistakes I made was set right (a by-product of the oft-criticised chalta hai attitude), in the sense that it didn't cause sky to fall over my head !

So, I might as well enjoy the things by doing what I felt right ... and I am ! It has made me a new person - I'm taking initiatives, terrorising people ("after all, I'm working for your stipend - do you want it or not ?"), bruising their ego left and right, spamming them ... and even joking about it :) Let us see, if only I can maintain this state for just one more month ... watch out IIT !


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