Friday, May 26, 2006

Java ... enlightenment !

I had never understood Java. First off, was the disappointment that I was no longer free to do anything I liked (read: play with pointers). The next was how complete the library was ... if everything was implemented, then what is the point of learning all the algorithms, data structures in engineering ? And now, almost a year after I (reluctantly) gave up coding for potential management opportunities (I still don't know if I'll pass my MBA course :-), I have finally understood Java.

I'd been used to Pascal and C/C++ before learning Java, and therefore, the mysterious interfaces, and the voodoo objects to be inherited to create a thread or even a GUI window ... I could never understand what Thread as an object meant and what inheriting it meant in the classic OO meaning.

Last week, someone forwarded me a link that talks about frameworks. Having created a (small but flexible) framework myself in Netscaler, I thought I knew most of it. I found out I did, but for the essence of it all. The author calls it the Hollywood Principle - don't call us, we'll call you. I had actually implemented similarly in my framework, but I had never actually understood the point. Now, I could conceptualize Java as a framework (with JVM as a platform), and not as a language ... instantly, I was enlightened.

In a flash, I could understand the core of Java and, more importantly, why it is used for building applications in platforms like Eclipse, something I couldn't during all the years of my engineering. Suddenly, Java doesn't appear to be meant for brain-damaged code monkeys after all. How humbling !


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