Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Organizing Pan-IIT 2006

After vacillating for a long time (4 months), I've finally decided to bite the bullet and take part in organizing Pan-IIT 2006. I've always been part of the yahoogroup of the Program's Committee, but this is the first time, I decided to do something. I did this because I thought I finally found a place where I could contribute something. It hasn't yet been decided which spot I'll own (of course, the spots themselves aren't finalized), but I'm quite keen on a spot involving Knowledge Commission. I'll pitch for it and something else perhaps.
This will be first time I'm organizing any event (before I was just a volunteer obeying orders), and what the heck, I'm nervous and afraid I might screw up big time, especially in front of who's who of the world. Hopefully, I'll do a good job ...


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