Sunday, March 26, 2006

Vista delays

Reading this slashdot story --

I wonder why MS hasn't been able to release a new OS for quite some time. Granted that XP is far more stable than previous Windows OSes but it is not as advanced as probably MS wants us to believe. I'm not talking about cool graphics effects but actual functionality.
Look at OS X - which probably has the best effects I've come across. But the actual functionality, starting from spotlight, and the POSIX compatibity-layer and the super-cool way of installing applications (drag & drop into Applications folder), security and tight integration of sudo into the OS, and the fact that it just works ... make it probably the most advanced desktop OS around. 
Coming to Linux, the Debian-style package management, Xen (and before that UML), Beagle and most of the server software ... if you want the bleeding edge of technology, there is no better OS. 
Where does that leave Windows ? WinFS was promised, but I don't know where it is. I wonder WTF MS thinks it is doing ? If there is a technical problem, I suppose the VP of Engg (if they have one) should take responsibility. If it is a business problem, that is in Ballmer's alley. I think the wisest MS can do is to split into a pure applications company and a pure OS company. Then we will know how good their OS is. 

Thursday, March 23, 2006

First post

My first blog post .... I decided to name this as the "void pointer" because I think I can comment on anything when I feel like ... :)